PAWS Water, for you and your best friend.

We care about water and we care about animals. That is why we created PAWS Water, so your best friend could enjoy a natural spring water as much as you do.

Chances are if you’re not a fan of tap water, your best friend isn’t either. PAWS Water has no added chlorine, just natural spring water direct from the source.

PAWS Water is sourced from the same aquifer as New Zealand’s leading premium brand waters, found on tables at some of the best restaurants around the world.

PAWS Water is also human friendly, should your best mate be in a sharing mood.


Dogs need up to 1L per 10kg of body weight every day. This will vary depending on your dog’s breed, age, lifestyle, where you live and season.

PAWS Water is natural artesian spring water, with a relatively low mineral content, soft and slightly alkaline, and rich in silica. The perfect water for everyday hydration.

No added chlorine, just natural spring water direct from the source, packed in an environmentally friendly and convenient 10L ‘Bag-in-Box’ format.



We know you care about the environment because you care about animals.

We chose a 10L ‘Bag-in-Box’ format for PAWS Water because we believe it is for now the most environmentally friendly packaging available and the most convenient pack size.

A significant proportion of the materials that go into the PAWS Water box are recycled and recyclable.

We are continually researching new packaging formats, and biodegradable materials, and will seek to use environmentally friendly alternatives as they become commercially viable.

PAWS Water is available from the following outlets.
Please contact us if you wish to become a stockist or are having issues locating and we will assist.

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